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Welcome to North Shore Tutoring

My name is Andrew Nadeau.

I have said that the success of my life’s work will be measured in part by the accomplishments of those of whom I’ve helped.

About Me

I moved to Vancouver from Montreal in 1994 and worked for several years with companies involved in security and private investigation.
Although interesting, these jobs did not completely fulfill me and after a while I decided to try and change things up.

One of my first jobs back in University while finishing my degree was one of tutoring others in Mathematics. The work took place in a Math lab on campus and involved helping students in lower level Math courses understand the material.


Private tutoring can be used in many different ways.
To increase grades, as an insurance policy to help maintain current grade levels,
to teach entire courses via on-line instruction, or used to assist with courses presented in some other way that differs from traditional learning styles.

Whichever way a student has chosen to attempt a course, I have been very successful in helping them complete it in a timely fashion, with marks that they can be proud of.

My philosophy when it comes to tutoring is really quite simple.


Re: Tutoring Reference- Amanda P.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your time and effort in helping Amanda with her challenges with Math. You were able to take her from a failing mark to a very respectable passing grade in a very short period of time. You made it possible for her to finish her Math 11 with extremely good marks, for this we are very thankful.

A question ? Do not hesitate to contact me per email